• The Cube

    The cube

    The flawlessness of a graphic shape surrounding a woven cotton cocoon in which our cats can sleep and sharpen their claws.

  • The Ball

    The ball

    The organic balance between wood and metal A soft sphere, both a comfortable cocoon and a scratcher, on a stylish stand mixing wood and metal.

  • The Bed

    The bed

    A cozy bed made of solid wood and 100% wool felt, but also a vantage point for your cat from where it can carefully observe its surroundings.

  • The Nest

    The nest

    A cosy nest where our cats, as well our dogs, will be able to quietly nap. Extra perk: it folds and can easily be carried around with you.

  • The Square

    The Square

    The alliance of forms for a design and trendy interior!
    Let your imagination speak by composing your own SQUARE according to your desires and your interior decoration.

  • The Vegas

    The vegas

    Let your imagination run wild by creating your own VEGAS according to your desires and your interior design.

  • Accessories

    Meyou Paris offers you cocoons and spare cushions. Also, elegant products such as ropes and pots for VEGAS. 

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