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The cat isn't a heavy water drinker by nature, but your cat may not drink enough or too much. Your cat’s need for water varies according to specific criteria. For example: weight, age, gender, outside temperature or diet. Milk is not recommended for your cat. In fact, he must drink mainly with water. Meyou Paris helps you to know your cat’s daily water needs.

1. Cat and water, best friends

As said above, the cat naturally does not drink much. However, it's necessary to drink between 40 and 60ML of water per kilogram of weight on average per day. For example, a 5kg cat should drink 250ML of water per day.

In times of great heat, like summer, your cat will need to drink up to 100ML of water. While during cold periods, such as winter, he will probably prefer to lie down by the fire. So there is no need to worry if you notice an increase or decrease in water consumption during these periods.

This amount may vary, if your cat is fed by commercially purchased croquettes, including only 10% water for example. You will therefore have to offer him between 60 and 120ML more. The cat food you buy can hold up to 80% water, which keeps it hydrated while drinking less water.

This same amount may also vary depending on your companion’s age. In fact, older cats need to hydrate more than juniors or adults.

2. Milk, Stop Entertaining Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, milk is bad for your cat and is therefore not advisable. Unlike your cat and the water that gives a perfect friendship story.

And even if this one seems to appreciate when you give him milk products such as a delicious yogurt or sour cream, it is not so good for his body.

In fact, the cat does not digest the milk well, giving it could cause it digestion disorders such as vomiting or diarrhea. You can exceptionally give it to him if only you add water.

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Your cat drinks according to you, much too much water or on the contrary you notice that the amount of water in his bowl remains intact.

3. My cat doesn't drink or little water

Below 30ML per kilogram, we consider that your cat doesn't drink enough during its day. 

Do you know that it is necessary to change his water bowl once every 8 hours?

Cats are demanding animals. They are also demanding for water, in terms of clarity and taste. We advise you to opt for the purchase of a transparent glass bowl that will allow it to judge the quality of its water. We warned you, cat and water is a big deal!

Are you familiar with the “skin fold” method?

When your cat is dehydrated, his skin becomes less flexible. It's therefore possible to test your hydration level by gently folding the skin of your neck. It seems that your cat is running out of water if it does not return easily to her place or then in more time than usual.

Other signs such as the quality of the coat, the frequency or your cat urine seeing its mood may show that your cat is not drinking enough.

Don’t prevent him from drinking water at the faucets if he feels like it! Today, you can find small fountains for your gear.

Be careful, in some extreme cases, this can result in urinary risks for your cat. In particular, it may suffer from crystals in the urine or kidney stones

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4. My cat drinks too much or swallows too much water (polydipsia)

You notice that you have to fill your cat’s water too often or that your cat urinates more than 3 times a day and that sometimes next to the litter box. It may be polydipsia with polyuria.

Don't hesitate to visit the veterinarian if you notice unusual signs, the owners often notice this kind of behaviour too late.

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