Which cat breed is right for you ?

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Do you plan on adopting a cat ? If you opt for a purebred cat, with a pedigree, you will have an idea of his future personality. Indeed, cats of breeds have been rigorously selected over generations to present certain physical characteristics, but also have traits of personality that emerge from one race to another. This is of course not an exact science: each cat has a unique personality, which depends very much on how his socialisation was carried out at the earliest ages of his life. But the breed of the cat will still give a good clue. So what is the one that best fits your expectations and your way of life ?
You need love

You are overflowing with affection and expect a lot of love in return : then the cat that best suits you is the Siamese. This cat is reputed to be extremely attached to its master and to dedicate an exclusive love to him. Eager for cuddles, which he will come to beg with a very characteristic harsh meow, he asks for a lot of attention and will not hesitate to sulk if he feels neglected. Among the other breeds of cats, the Havana brown or the Abyssinian are also reputed to be very attached to their master.
chat race siamois
You need calm

Your interior is a soft and cozy cocoon whose tranquility you want to preserve. In this case, the cat you need is the Persian. He is of a placid and casual character. Shy, he is not very talkative and his "voice" is of those that never disturbs. If he can be timid with strangers, he shows himself attached to his master and will like to be cuddled. Among the other breeds of cats, the Exotic Shortair or the Birman are also renowned for their calm and posed character.
chat race persan
You have a large family

Your household already has many members : children, one or more dogs, other felines ... Then the cat that will get along with your extended family is the Maine Coon. Of a playful character and affectionate, it is of a very peaceful character in spite of its large size and is very well with children and with other domestic animals. Other breeds of cats, such as the Norwegian, Ragdoll or American shorthair are also known for getting along with children and other animals.
chat race Maine Coon
You wanted a dog

Your preferences has always been dogs ... But, your lifestyle or your entourage requires you to opt instead for a cat. Rest assured, you can find the perfect compromise by adopting a Siberian cat. Reputated to have a dog-like temperament, they are indeed very affectionate, demonstrative and communicative. You will have no difficulty in in training them to teach them tricks.You can also easily take them on vacation and go outdoors with them. Other breeds of cats, such as the Norwegian, Sphynx or Maine Coon are also known to have a dog-like personality.
chat race siberien
You love sports

Are you of a sporty and dynamic nature and you like it to be active around you ? Then you might very well get along with a cat of the Bengal breed. This feline has retained from its distant wild ancestors its muscular build and its magnificent leopard coat. With a very keen intelligence (he will soon learn to open doors and cupboards !) He is very active and needs to spend his energy. So plan to see him run, climb, hunt ... but also play with you. It is also a cat that loves water and it will surely take pleasure to come bathe or swim with you. Other breeds of cats, such as Oriental or Siamese are also known for their liveliness.
chat race Bengal
You prefer kittens

The kittens make you melt... and you are not really fond of adult cats. Do not worry, there is a solution to this peculiar problem : the Munchkin breed cat. This feline with very short legs derives its morphology from a natural mutation that has occurred in its ancestors. He will keep all his life his small size very cute. But it is also renowned to keep its character of kitten ! So, he is a playful and affectionate cat. Moreover his small size does not prevent him from running, climbing on the furniture, or even doing silly things ! The Munchkin is unique in its small size, but other breeds of cats like the Somali are also famous for their very playful character.
chat race munchkin

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