What are the most popular cat breeds in France ?

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Cats are also not spared by the effects of fashion. According to the number of pedigrees recorded each year at the LOOF (Livre officiel des origines félines), And this year again, as it has been since 2010, it is the majestic Maine Coon who places himself at the head of this ranking with a popularity that continues to grow. Discover the “Top 10” in terms of the number of births of cat breeds that met the most success in 2019.

N°1 : The Maine Coon

The births of Maine Coon have increased steadily over the past 10 years, reaching the figure of 15,648 last year (more than 34% of the pedigrees registered at the LOOF!). This cat from the new world (it was first raised by the farmers of Maine in the United States) gained a place of choice in the hearts of the French. Its imposing size and large "feathered" ears are the hallmarks of this cat that gets along very well with children.
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N°2 : the Sacred Birman

With 4,967 births registered in 2019, the Sacré de Birmanie is the second largest breed of pedigreed cats. Nothing surprising to this success: this feline resulting from a crossing between a Persian and a Siamese is a real Top Model. His large, intense blue eyes, his extensive fur and his white gloved paws make him a cat with undeniable charm.
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N°3 : the Bengal

The Bengal has progressed towards 3rd place on the podium with a dazzling speed: from only 618 births recorded in 2008 to 3,498 in 2019! It must be said that the history of his race is quite recent: born of the marriage between a leopard cat and a domestic cat in 1963, the first Bengal arrived in France only in 1989. The keys to his success: his beautiful mottled dress and his exceptional character, combining intelligence and kindness.
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N°4 : The British Shorthair

As in the case of Bengal, the birth rate of British Shorthair has increased significantly in France in recent years (from 700 in 2003 to 2670 in 2019). This breed of cat also almost disappeared after the First World War. Today saved, the British Shorthair stands out for its round shapes and its warm, almost impervious coat, once perfectly adapted to the climate of the British Isles. Its calm and calm character makes it a very soothing cat.
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N°5 : The Ragdoll

No fewer than 2,606 Ragdoll births were recorded in 2019, compared to only 76 in 2003. Still relatively unknown, the Ragdoll breed was discovered in the 60’s in California by a breeder of Persans with a rather crazy character (convinced among other things of the existence of aliens!). The Ragdoll, a mid-length cat with fur, has the particularity of being «coulourpoint» like the Sacré de Birmanie: its ears, its legs and its tail are then more colorful than the rest of the body (but it can also be “gloved” or two-coloured).
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N°6 : The Persan

While it held first place until 2009, the Persian sees its number of annual births decrease gradually in France (from 5354 in 2003 to 3011 in 2016). Despite this decline, this cat from a cross between the Angora and British Shorthair breeds keeps a very honourable 4th place and remains today the most present feline breed in the world. Its opulent fur and its characteristic flat face make all its chic!
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N°7 : The Chartreux

Births of this breed have been decreasing since 2003 (1934 in 2019 compared to 2230 in 2018). The dynamism of other races such as the Maine Coon means that it is now only in 7th position in our classification.  A breed of very old cat that almost disappeared in the 20th century, the Carthusian is distinguished by its large eyes of embers (yellow to orange in colour) and its magnificent grey-blue coat.
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N°8 : The Siberian

Since the years 2010, the Siberian breed cat is experiencing a certain boom in France. In 2019, 1595 births were counted by the LOOF. With its heavy and massive body and its thick fur, this cat is cut to face the harsh cold of the Russian steppes from which it originates. Of quiet nature, it is nevertheless quite adapted to modern life and accommodates very well in apartment.
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N°9 : the Norwegian Forest Cat

The births of Norwegian-bred cats have also declined since 2008. In 2019, there were 1,558 cats registered at the LOOF. Global warming does not dampen the enthusiasm for this Scandinavian cat also known as "Skogkatt" (forest cat in Norwegian). This breed, which has a small family look with the Maine Coon (imposing size and sometimes feathers on the ears), is distinguished by its triangular head and almond eyes.
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N°10 : The Sphynx

The popularity of Sphynx has been increasing steadily since 2003 or there are 128 births in the LOOF compared to 1015 in 2019 (2.24%). The sphynx is a breed of cats native to Canada but standardized in France. This cat is characterized by the near absence of its fur. These lemon-shaped eyes conquer more and more the hearts of the French
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