The cat : an animal that is good to our health !

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Cats want our best! In addition to being ideal companions, our feline friends also have beneficial effects on our health. The therapeutic benefits of their presence have even been proved by scientific studies. Cat owners would thus be less exposed to certain conditions or chronic diseases. We'll explain why.

The “purr-therapy”

You may have noticed it : there is nothing better than to spend a moment cuddling your cat to chase your dark thoughts and forget the accumulated troubles of your day. By their simple presence and thanks to their affectionate character, our feline friends have a naturally soothing effect. They also help us fight against loneliness and melancholy. But let's be honest: these benefits can also be brought by other pets such as the dog.

What makes cats unique is their ability to purr. This instinctive behaviour, still quite mysterious, contributes to their good health and also to our own ! The sound vibrations of the purring of the cat, at very low frequencies between 20 and 50 hertz, would have the effect of lowering our heart rate. They would also cause the release of beneficial hormones such as serotonin, melatonin or endorphins in humans. More surprising: the purring of the cat would have the power to accelerate the bone healing !

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Cats: powerful anti-stress

The combined effects of their relaxing presence and their purr make cats powerful anti-stress. As a result, they help to reduce the anxiety of their masters, but also various genes and pathologies related to anxiety. Having a cat would especially benefit sleep and would help fight insomnia (a widespread ailment !).

The decrease in stress, combined with the regulating effect of purrs on blood pressure, would also be particularly beneficial for our heart. According to a US study conducted over 10 years among 4,000 people, cats owners would have about 30% less risk of heart attack !
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Felines who take care of us

Among the therapeutic effects of the cat, we can still mention their capacities to strengthen our immune system. It comes from a paradox: cat hair, which can cause allergies because of allergenic substances but also dust, pollen or mites that they carry, stimulate our production of antibodies. It is in children less than one year old that the effects would be most noticeable: in the presence of a cat these would see their allergies to animals decrease, but also their risks of infectious diseases.

For the little ones, the presence of a cat at home is also valuable to support social development and psychomotor agility. But they are not only the ones who can enjoy these benefits. As a result, more and more nursing homes and hospitals are using cats to improve the well-being and physical agility of their residents or their patients. In some countries the notion of therapy cat is even recognised. Conclusion: take good care of your cat, because in return your cat will take care of you !
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