How to convince him (her) to adopt a cat?

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Spring arrived and with it the "season of the kittens". The lengthening of the duration of the day indeed affects the reproduction cycle of cats. The result is a peak in births between April and June. In short, this is the perfect time to welcome a little hairball into your family ! But there is a problem: your half (or your parents, your roommate ...) is far from sharing your desire to adopt a cat. Here are some tips to try to change their mind.

Advice N° 1 : do not deny the flaws of cats

To be convincing, you first need to be realistic. In the face of your desire to have a cat, one will most likely expose all the disadvantages of this idea. And may not be wrong ... Because it is important to admit, if cats are extraordinary animals they can also have imperfections.

Yes, felines are not always an easy job: in spite of their reputation they are not so clean (there is the litter to change, the hairs to be cleaned, without counting the vomit or pee to clean up in the most bizarre places and at the most inconvenient time), they represent a certain budget, they are time consuming to take proper care of them and must be kept when you’re going on vacation.

Once these disadvantages are well known - and accepted - you will be able to find arguments to counter them. Because every problem has its solution: you will take care of the litter and the financial aspects, you have already found someone to take care of the cat during your holidays, you will find the time to take good care of him and to perfectly educate him , Etc.
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Advice N°2 : defend the good aspects of cats

Besides their (few) flaws, cats also make many strong points that make them fantastic companions. You can praise their independent character and the fact that it is much easier to deal with them than dogs. Cats do not need to be taken out daily. They are equally well adapted to the country life as to the city.

Our feline friends are especially very endearing. They are always seeking out petting and love to play, therefore they are an excellent remedy for all the little problems of life. The efficacy of “purring-therapy" has even been scientifically proven : cat masters are less stressed and less exposed to the risk of cardiovascular accidents !

If you have children, you should know that studies have also shown that raising them alongside a cat helped reduce the risk of asthma and allergies. Not to mention that our favourite pet will help the little ones develop their sense of responsibility, as well as their motor and cognitive abilities.
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Advice n°3 : try a smooth adaptation

If you are sure of yourself, you can try the strong method: come back home one day with a cat and put the person with whom you live facing this furry ball. But this is not always the best solution ...

Why not try to gradually accustom the other to the idea of having a cat ? This can go through visits to pet shows or cat breeders. Another good way is to temporarily accommodate a cat at home: by keeping friends' cat when they are away on vacation or by becoming cat-sitter.

This will be opportunities for your flatmate to discover the true nature of cats: cute, intelligent, funny and cuddly animals. And when you finally manage to convince him to take a cat, rest assured that he will soon become completely in love !
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