Cat proofing : create a safe house for your cat

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Domestic accidents do not spare cats. By living with us, our feline friends are exposed to many dangers: poisoning, burning, drowning ... So you must be vigilant, especially if you have just welcomed a young cat, and rule out any risk that threatens your pet in your home. A few simple reflexes are enough to cat-proof your house. We'll let you discover them.

Watch out for high places

Cats are not supposed to have fear of heights and have the reputation of always falling back on their paws. Yet it can happen that a cat falls from the floor of a house or building. Young cats, especially, can loose their concentration (because of a bird, an insect ...) and lose their balance. If you have a balcony, you must think of protecting it with a safety net. Take care also of the tilting windows. Here there is no risk of falling but strangling, your cat risking stuck trying to get through the crack. If you have this type of window, be careful to leave them closed or equip them with a protective grid.
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Water point = danger

Our feline friends usually tend to flee the water like the plague. But they can approach it to quench their thirst or chase a small insect. To avoid any risk of drowning, remember to secure the water points (pools, ponds ...) in your garden. To do this, make sure to leave a small safety ramp so that your cat can get out of the water in case of a fall. Inside and outside, be careful not to leave a container of water where your cat or kitten could fall: unattended bathtub, aquarium (to be equipped with a safety net), basin or watering can half full ... Also remember to always put the toilet seat down after using them.
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Plants to avoid

Some plants can be toxic to your cat and cause poisoning, digestive disorders, neurological disorders or severe irritations. This is the case, for example, of Diffenbachia, Amarillys, Ficus, Rhododendron, Azalea, lilies or irises. This list is not exhaustive (there are more than fifty plants toxic to the cat) so be careful to keep your indoor plants out of reach of your cat. You should also know that cats need to eat plants to purge themselves. Also be sure to brush your cat regularly, to avoid hairballs, and to deworm. You can also buy him a small pot of cat grass.
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Poisons for your cat

Apart from plants, your home can hide many other poisons for your cat: household or gardening care products, antifreeze can for your car, insecticides or rat poison ... Be careful to keep these products in an inaccessible place for your feline. In the house, also be careful not to leave medicines or cigarette butts. Finally, some foods or drinks such as chocolate, onions, alcohol or coffee can be dangerous to cats (see our article "Toxic food for your cat").
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Prevent the risk of electric shock or burns

Cats may have a bad habit of playing with electric wires, or even biting them: beware of the risks of electrocution. Be careful not to leave any electrical wires trailing, or protect them (with aluminum foil or a repellent like pepper). In the kitchen, the oven or cooking plates are another danger: make sure your cat does not come near it, especially when they are hot, to avoid any risk of burns.
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Some toys are not always safe

Cats love to play with small objects or strings. There is no question of depriving them of this entertainment, but be careful that your pet is always under your supervision so that it does not risk swallowing them. In general, make sure not to leave pins, paper clips, small figurines, rubber bands ... your cat could swallow them and risk an intestinal occlusion. Same for wool balls, dental floss or even plastic bags, with which he might get tangled in and even strangle himself. Note: vigilance must be increased during the holidays. Especially Christmas, which can be full of dangers with its ribbons, garlands or other Christmas tree decorations.
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