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Ever heard of the “catifying” concept? It was recently popularised by two American feline behaviourists Kate Benjamin (head of the Hauspanther  blog) and Jackson Galaxy. The principle: adapt your house or apartment to the natural needs of the cat (climbing, playing, hiding ...), without sacrificing your home decorations. At Meyou, we agree with this idea 100%!

Create a vertical world for your cat

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In order to “catify” your apartment or your house, it’s essential to understand and observe your cat beforehand. Your home is organised at your height and your cat does not perceive it same way. He sees it vertically, as a territory that goes from floor to ceiling. By "catifying", you will be able to optimise this space lost for you but not for your cat.

The more convinced ones will be able to create "highways" for cats by installing platforms in height reserved for the movements of their cat. Yet before that, one can simply make sure that his indoor tiger does not encounters obstacles to climb.

For example, you can move books or vases around as they could hinder his passage on the shelves. There are other possibilities such as strategically placing a small piece of furniture or a shelf next to the cupboard so that he can reach the top, or remove the trinkets that clutter the lintel from the chimney. Getting yourself a cat tree is also highly recommended.

Create a secure space

Your cat kept his natural wild instincts and he knows that the outside world is full of dangers.  His life motto: live happily and hidden. In short, you will satisfy him by arranging a maximum number of comfortable and discreet recesses.

Here also, very simple solutions can be adopted: leave the door of the wardrobe ajar and place a soft cushion at the bottom, move the sofa a little bit to leave a space in the back, bring a few pots of plants to make an improvised curtain…

Your cat needs these hiding places where he can fall asleep when he needs to be alone. Note that it is by taking into account this feline personality trait that we imagined the design of our beds “The Cube” and “The Ball” at Meyou: very private cocoons so that your cat can rest out of sight.

Turn your apartment into a playground

Although your cat seems like an adept of endless naps, he also has the needs of a great hunter. So you have to bring him enough stimulation to prevent him from getting bored, especially if it's an indoor cat.

With small and discreet touches, you can turn your home into a playground for your cat. Use for example the constraints of your decoration to create narrow corridors where he can sneak into. Think of installing toys (balls, cap or capsule hanging from a wire ...) and scratching posts in different places.

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As cats are curious by nature, so you can also install a "perch". Just leave a space on the edge of the window from where your cat can watch the tumult of the world (birds, insects, cars in the street ...). If there is no edge, you can place a small piece of furniture next to the window or attach a small shelf.

Making both a cat owner and his cat happy, thanks to a harmonious use of the space, is the goal of a successful “catifying” project. And the good news is that even minimal adjustments of one’s interior decoration will suffice for the happiness of your cat. Obviously without forgetting the essential moments of cuddling and fun to share with him!

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