5 advices to become an eco-friendly cat owner

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As you may already know, at Meyou we are very keen on saving the planet. And so it became ‘natural’ that we dedicate our first blog post on this theme. We are not scared of a little controversy, so we’ll start with rather shocking news: cats pollute! According to two New Zealander researchers, a cat’s carbon footprint would be the same as a small car. Although it is still less than a dog’s (the equivalent of a small 4X4), it is not a valid reason to stay idly. No need to panic, it is possible to massively reduce the impact of your cat on the environment by simply adopting these easy solutions.

Conseil n°1 : passez à la litière écologique

Advice n°1: Settle for an eco-friendly litters
Does your cat create little white clouds after he uses his litter?
Bad indication: this means that you are using a mineral litter, made from unnatural and non-recyclable products, this adds a dozen kilos to your trash each year. The solution? Adopt a natural and eco-friendly litter, which will be 100% biodegradable as it is made from vegetable resources : pieces of wood, recycled paper, corn grains… Don’t wait any longer and go for a gentler alternative for your cat’s litter.

Advice n°2: Provide a more durable diet
Food choices are not to be taken lightly, and this goes for your cat as well. Don’t worry, we are not suggesting a diet filled with quinoa… Yet for his food, favor products based on chicken or rabbit, as they have a lower carbon footprint than beef meat. As for fish, go for products from sustainable fisheries. You can even go a step further by choosing organic food for your cat, and if it’s produced locally, that’s even better!

Conseil n°2 : donnez-lui une alimentation durable

Advice n°3: Opt for natural care products
Whether you want to heal or pamper your cat, choose natural solutions. Today, it has become much easier to find natural shampoos, treatments or dietary complements; produced without any chemical products and biodegradable. For example we found a great alternative to flea collars (ugly and filled with toxic chemicals): diatomaceous earth.

Advice n°4: Choose ecological accessories for your pet
We all know, plastic is not really fantastic, and certainly not eco-friendly. For the toys, cat trees, or bedding, settle for products made from organic and natural materials such as cotton, wood, wool (note that we have an amazing brand in mind ;) ). It’s also important to make sure these products are of good quality: the ecological benefit of the product almost completely wears out if the item doesn’t last the year! Looking for quality and environmental-friendly accessories may not be such a hustle after all…

Conseil n°4 : choisissez des accessoires pour chat écolos

Advice n°5: Sterilise your cat
You may be asking yourself what this has to do with the environment. Well, with the increase of domesticated cats, and with some of them not being sterilised, we have witness a boom in the number of stray cats. In some places such as Australia, this has become a real issue because these cats are endangering the local wildlife. Although sterilisation is not an anodyne procedure, it can massively reduce the risk of accident or illnesses for your pet. If you have not already sterilised your cat, it is really time to think of booking an appointment with your vet. The planet will thank you for that!

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