Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

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When surfing the Internet, you may have already come across a video of a cat getting scared at the mere sight of a cucumber. This one probably made you smile, even if it should not, because if this one is funny for you it is not the case for the cat which is frightened. So why are cats afraid of this harmless cucurbit? Meyou Paris explains what are the reasons that cause your cat to be afraid of a cucumber.

Fear of cucumber in cats: fear of the predator

Following the virality of all these videos of cats startling at the mere sight of a cucumber, experts have tried to explain this behavior. For animal behavior specialist Dr. Roger Mumford, this reaction is due to the fear of the unknown and the fear they will experience when they come across natural predators such as snakes. Unknowingly placed by their master while their heads are lowered in their bowl of food.

Your cat will also be surprised if you put another food or another object, he will have this reaction as long as he sees something he has never seen which invades his personal space without him noticing it.

Causing fear of cucumber in your cat can ruin his confidence in you

Other animal behavior specialists do not find the idea of ​​surprising your cat with a cucumber to be hilarious. "If it causes stress to your pet, it's probably not a good thing," says behaviorist Jill Goldman. Besides, provoking a blue fear to his animal could well irreparably damage the confidence he placed in you. Your cat will no longer feel safe at home and if you scare him when he eats, you can put his health at risk.

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