Which jobs can you find to work with cats ?

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Are you a real cat lover? And you would like to make your passion for our feline friends your job ? Here's a great idea ! All the more so as the opportunities available to you are numerous, according to your tastes, talents and abilities. For so long the profession of veterinarian was one of the only ones that can be exercised in connection with animals, it is no longer the case. The Internet, new lifestyles and the evolution of relationships with our pets have created new needs and new jobs. We'll let you discover them.

You are close with the service industry

Do you like being useful to others, helping others ? Your sensitivity can also be put to the service of our feline companions. If you like to study (especially in scientific subjects), you will be able to orientate yourself towards the different professions of animal health: by becoming veterinary or auxiliary veterinary, for example. But you can also opt for new professions, still quite unknown, such as animal osteopath or behaviourist.

If you see yourself taking care of cats (and only them) you can also consider working in a boarding house or cat retreat. This is for true enthusiasts, because the job may be difficult (physically and psychologically) but it is rewarded with the feeling of being really useful. More relaxing, the cat-sitter job (which consists of keeping cats in the absence of their masters, in your home or their own) can also be considered, especially if you live in a large city or nearby.

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You are more of a businessperson

You have a business temperament and you would see yourself being your own boss ? In this case enjoy your passion for cats to create a business. Among the classic options: to create a cat breeding. But be careful, this requires a lot of personal investment, involves many constraints and does not necessarily lead to significant financial income.

Alternatively: open a business around cats. New activities are now on the rise and are developing like cat hotels (more "chic" versions of cats retreat and with new services) or cat-cafes (cafes where guests can relax in company of felines). If these services do not yet exist where you live, why not consider creating them ? Stay on the lookout: new concepts of trade with the felines can appear abroad, that you could import ...

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You have creative talents

Do you have an artist's temperament, like to create and / or have a sense of aesthetics? In this case put your talents at the service of cats: by creating toys for them or original accessories for example. You can also create original creations that will appeal to their masters: portraits of their pet, a line of clothes with the image of their favorite animal ... it is up to you to find the right idea !

If you're gifted and understand new technologies, you can also try to make your cat a star of internet ! This can be very profitable: Grumpy cat has brought several millions of dollars to his owners ! Be aware that having an extraordinary cat is not enough: skills in web marketing, photography or video are essential. Finally, if you are a computing expert, why not create a useful application for cats or their master ? Get inspired from your own experience with your feline to find the golden idea!

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