The British Shorthair, a calm indoor cat

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The pretty name of the British Shorthair breed was originally Great Britain. This graceful, plush-like breed first appeared in 1871 at an exhibition at the Crystal Palace. If you are looking for a quiet indoor cat, who loves to play with you and your children, this breed of cats is for you! Meyou Paris paints a portrait of this adorable breed: colour of dress, size, weight, character, nourishment and maintenance of hair, the British Shorthair will have no more secrets for you.

1. The character of the British Shorthair

This cat breed is one of the nicest and most sociable. Indeed, if you have one or more children, the British will be happy to play with them. It's an uncompetitive, balanced and friendly breed of cat. The British Shorthair is calm and introverted, he won’t really seek attention, but will accept it if you give it to him.

The British Shorthair are not known to be great sportsmen but rather to be calm and balanced cats.

These same characteristics show that the BSH is a perfect interior companion.

Offer him suitable cat toys, so that he can vent for hours, because it remains a cat, with his instincts born of hunter.

2. Physical Characteristics

The British Shorthair has relatively small ears, large round eyes and well-filled solid cheeks. Its nose is short with curved and open nostrils, specificities of the British Shorthair. It is a large, muscular cat, its tail is short, thick and the top of it is slightly rounded.

British shorthair unicolor cattery celebrity

3. The coat colour of the British Shorthair

Whatever the colour of their coat, the British Shorthair are beautiful. There is a vast color palette of the coat in this breed. Before, the breed was mainly blue, nowadays there are many different colors and patterns. The most popular colors are blue, lilac and silver tabby.

British shorthair bicolor cattery celebrity Two-coloured coats: It should be noted that a British Shorthair cat is estimated as two-coloured if only the share of white on its coat is at least 20-30%. The British Shorthair is considered "Harlequin" if the coat exceeds 50% white. And finally this breed is considered “Van” over 80% white on its coat.
Single-coloured coats: The singular colour of the coat of this breed of “British Shorthair” may be black, blue, chocolate or lilac (lighter than chocolate), red, cream and white as well as cinnamon (cinnamon stick).
British shorthair unicolor cattery celebrity

4. Cats Grooming

The British Shorthair has a short and dense coat and requires relatively little care. Weekly brushing is sufficient. However, the British Shorthair tends to moult during the changes of season, so it is necessary to maintain its hair during this period of moulting.

5. British Shorthair Food

There’s no shortage of appetite at the British Shorthair. To avoid being overweight, you must carefully monitor your food, it must be high in protein and low in fat. Nutrients and vitamins, adapted to the weight and age of British Shorthair, are needed to ensure good health.

6. British Shorthair prices

The price of a British Shorthair kitten will depend on the sex, the pedigree of the parents, the conformity to the standards of the breed, etc. Be careful, however, when you search, choose farms relatively well rated on their Facebook page or on Google. To avoid surprises, avoid sales systems from particular to particular
Here is a price range celon the sex of the British:
Male British Shorthair: 450 to 1,800€ Female British Shorthair: 400 to 1,700€

British shorthair bicolor cattery celebrity

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