Should I cut my cat's claws?

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As you probably already know, the claws of the cat allow him to defend himself or climb during a short getaway outdoors. However, if your cat is an indoor cat, it may be necessary to cut his claws. Indeed, your cat loves to claw your favorite furniture ... You should know that during this act, he actually deposits pheromones to mark his territory. Do you have to cut the claws of your cat? Meyou guides you.

Indoor or outdoor cat?

Claws are essential for the outdoor cat!

Know that if your cat has the right to small walks outside, it is necessary that you do not cut his claws.

Indeed, these allow him to defend himself during a danger or climb obstacles or trees. In addition, if your cat spends time outside, he will have the claws filed by the different surfaces on which he walks.

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A little less essential for the indoor cat ...

Otherwise, if your cat stays inside: it may be necessary to cut his claws.

At first, we advise you to opt for a scratcher on which it will be able to naturally file its claws.

But if, in a second time, despite the purchase of a scratching post he persists in damaging your pretty furniture, it may be that it is a problem of education or behavior. Cutting one's claws is not the best way to save your hands and calves from attack.

If you really want it and you think it's necessary and you don't see any other solution: you can shorten it so that they are less pointed.

Speaking of scavenger, Meyou has planned the release of VEGAS in the first quarter of 2020!

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Our advices

If your cat is getting older and becomes less active, it is important to cut his claws. Indeed, with age, they can lie down, and penetrate inside their small pad and cause infections, but also big pain.

Did you know that your cat has 4 fingers in the back, but has a 5th finger, equivalent to our thumb, on the front legs? These are the pins. Whatever the age of your cat, it is essential to monitor them.

Indeed, necessary, so that it can climb they are not in contact with the ground and wear only very little.

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To cut the claws of his cat

First of all know that if you accustom your cat from a very young age to have his claws cut and the less it will have and will be easier to handle.

If you're not comfortable clipping, do not hesitate to visit your veterinarian to show you the method or to shorten your cat's claws.

To cut the claws of your cat, it is essential that you go to a quiet and peaceful place where he does not feel distressed.

Meyou gives you the 4 steps to cut the claws of your cat:

  • First: Immobilize your tomcat against you.
  • Second: Take the paw in your hand (the right if left-handed or left if you're right-handed) between your thumb and your index finger.
  • Third: Press lightly on the top of your finger to pull out the claw.
  • Finally: Cut the claw a few millimeters without exceeding the transparent part: the pink part contains blood vessels and must absolutely remain intact.
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