New stylish and trendy objects to offer to your cat !

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It's almost the time to come back from the summer holidays : why not mark this event by offering a new accessory, or other gift, to your favorite hairball ? To help you, we have made a point of finding “chic” objects, that are practical or funny, design or smart, useful or futile ... dedicated to our feline friends. Objective: to please Kitty ... and us a little bit too ;) So, if you spoiled your cat by offering him ...

1. A petcube

Do you have a cat and a smartphone ? So you need a petcube! We are exaggerating a little bit of course, but know that the communicating devices to use with our pets are the great trend of this year 2017. The petcube, with its pretty design, hides a wide angle camera, a microphone and an integrated laser which will allow you to see kitty, but also to talk and play with him when you are not there. Enough to brighten your cat's days ... and your hours spent in the office !

Discover The petcube.

2. A Yarrah box “go organic”

Do you know Yarrah ? This Dutch brand of organic pet food claims particularly virtuous practices (with organic ingredients, but also meat that is not derived from intensive farming). So if you have the sense of an eco-friendly cat master you can offer kitty a transition box of the eco-friendly cat food brand. Plus: products are selected to meet your pet's needs (depending on age, lifestyle, or intolerance) and you get tips for helping your cat getting easily used to his new diet.

See more about Yarrah.
Box Yarrah

3. A catspad

So certainly it can take a little place in your kitchen ... But there are plenty of good reasons to offer this really hip food bowl to your cat. The catspad, imagined by a young French company, is a connected distributor of croquettes and water thought to meet the food needs of felines. It makes it possible to deliver to kitty small rations throughout the day and to have a water always fresh. Thanks to an application, you will also be able to watch on your mobile the kitty food consumption and be alerted when the stock of water or food is low.

Know more about catspad.

4. King Cat litter mat

King cat is a young Parisian company that has set itself a mission: to destroy the recalcitrant litter grains that are scattering in our interiors. Its solution: a double bottom carpet, lined with soft cells that trap litter grains while providing a comfortable surface for kitty pads. An innovative idea that will save you many times to vacuum !

King Cat.
Tapis de litière Kingcat

5. Cupcakes for cats Made in Pet

Want to spoil your cat with treats? Go for great luxury: cupcakes from Made in Pet, the first pastry maker for dogs and cats! These small cakes are made in the south of France, in Béziers, with natural ingredients, selected for their nutritional qualities and for their faculties to stimulate the appetite of our feline friends. So what cupcake perfume will you choose to please kitty : foie gras ? duck ? Lobster ? Note that there is also sweet : apple, strawberry or mango. Even we would eat some…

Learn more about Made in Pet cat cakes.
Cupcakes pour chats Made in Pet

6. A U-pet cat carrier

Looking for an original cat carrier ? So opt for a U-pet model. These design bags, often with acid colours, have the specificity of being equipped with an observation porthole. Well protected behind its window, looking like a small astronaut, your cat will be able to explore the world safely by your side. So when's the next trip in kitty’s company?

Learn more about the U-pet carry bag.
Sac pour chat U-pet

7. A Meyou bed

Want to be sure not to deceive yourself and make your cat happy ? So offer him a Meyou bed ;). And if your cat is already the proud owner of one of our models "the CUBE" or "the BALL", know that you can also give them a touch of novelty, changing the colour of their cushion or of their cocoon according to your desires ! Finally, stay on the lookout for our news on our site and our Facebook page : we will soon be able to present you completely new Meyou products, always thought to please both cats and their masters ! Stay tuned ...

Find Meyou Paris products in our shop.

Couchage pour chat Meyou Paris

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