My cat doesn't want to go to bed, what to do?

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As you already know, our cats spend a lot of time sleeping. Problem, they always sleep where you do not want them to go! You recently bought a sleeping bag for your cat, and this one never comes back? He will inspect the new product, feel it, without putting a paw inside? To help you get into bed, we offer you here some tips to teach your cat to sleep in his basket, and improve your quality of life.

Get your Cat into his new bed

A few days ago, you decided to offer your cat a sleeping design? This is a very good gesture, because it is essential that he has a dedicated space for his naps, a place where he will spend most of his time.

So that your cat knows from the start where he has to sleep, you must place his basket at a specific place in your home and as soon as he wants to sleep, direct him to it.

If your cat stubbornly refuses to lie down, it may be because you let him sleep on your bed. To encourage learning, be sure to close the door of your room and bring it to his basket for sleep. Avoid giving in to the whims of your tomcat meowing at the door of your room. He will get used to it and go to sleep in his cat basket..

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Catnip spray, a solution?

If you have educated your cat so that it fits into his new bed but that nothing is done and that he is in his head, here is another solution: the spray catnip . This one generally allows to attract the tomcats to define certain places, in particular that where he sleeps. Often natural, this spray uses the effects of catnip that are euphoric on felines. Your cat will settle serenely in his new bed. A few sprays inside your cat cart and presto, you're done!

The choice of sleeping for cats

It is important that your cat has a basket where he feels safe. Indeed, he sleeps between 14 and 16 hours a day and he appreciates his comfort. Meyou offers you open beds but also closed, a comfortable place and cocooning where it is good to spend hours ...

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