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Instacats, you said instacats? If you have missed this phenomenon, know that cats have made Instagram their kingdom. Many felines now have their own account on the social network ! Some, like Grumpy Cat or Pudge, are real stars and have hundreds of thousands of subscribers ... At Meyou, we also have our favourite Instacats: adorable cats whose owners make original and inspiring photos. Let us introduce them to you.

Amazing Narnia : The two face cat

You will fall in love with Narnia, this double-sided cat, straight from Lorraine. His mistress manages to make him strike a pose and take superb photographs.

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Eevee : the adventurous cat

Do not let yourself be fooled by the frail look of this pretty Tortoiseshell kitty. Eevee is an adventurer, traveling the United States aboard the red truck of her owner Emily. Check out their account and follow their excursions surrounded with nature, seeking sumptuous landscapes.

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Cheeto : a very artistic cat

In 2012, after his move to New York, the Californian artist Hugo Martinez decided to adopt a cat to keep him company. His "princess" Cheeto has ever since become a source of prolific inspiration. In his colourful and original photos, he staged his feline in amusing and surreal situations. We love it !

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Gringo moustache cat : The mustache cat

This 1 year-old kitty lives in France with his owners Sabrine and Romain, and his brother Milko. This famous cat has nearly 58,000 followers on Instagram. His account is filled with very nice photo of his little face

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Lee : the Meyou Paris mascot

Do you know Lee ? This pretty Carthusian is Aude Sanchez’s cat, the founder of our brand. Although he does not have his official account (yet) , we often see his little face on the Meyou Instagram account. Lately, however, he has been more discreet, and made room for the many pictures you sent of your cats. 

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