How to travel stress free with your cat ?

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Yay! Almost time for your holiday. You’re certainly happy to enjoy a well deserved rest and to leave the bad and grey weather. But there is one fellow who is not that thrilled with your holiday plans... I name, his majesty the cat. Let’s just say he doesn’t share the same exploration interest as his cat friends from the “Adventure cats” website. He’s more of the homebody type and he hates when someone changes his habits. The ideal situation would be if someone could keep him. Though if that is not an option for you, here are a few precautions to be weary of so that the journey is the most stress free possible for both you and your cat.

Before the trip: getting ready

Avant le voyage : on se prépare

Leaving for a trip last minute? Forget it. That was okay only before the arrival of the fur ball in your life. Because if you want to travel with you cat, a minimum of preparation is essential.

Firstly, make sure that your cat has what is necessary to identify him in case he gets lost whilst travelling. A painless electronic chip implantation is now the most common method used. You also need to verify that your cat’s vaccinations are up-to-date (even more important if you’re traveling abroad). These preparations can be all checked with a trip to the vet, who will also be able to give you more advices and may prescribe some additional medications for the journey.

It is also primary that you purchase a basket or a bag for your cat during the journey. In order to avoid drama on the day of the departure, take a little time in advance for your cat to get used to the traveling rhythm. For this, leave the travel basket open in a room where he likes to go. Encourage him to go inside by putting his favourite toys inside or even a little cat grass. We do not guarantee 100% the effectiveness of this method, especially if for an older cat, but it is definitely worth trying… 

During the journey: stay vigilant

Pendant le voyage : on reste vigilant

The big day has come! You are ready to embark. In order for your cat to travel with a light stomach, make sure he was lightly fed 8 to 10 hours before the departure. In his basket place a confortable cloth or a towel (take an extra cloth). You can also spray pheromones about thirty minutes before leaving to reduce the transportation stress.

During the trip, make sure your cat drinks regularly (at least every 2 hours). If the trip lasts less than 12 hours, it is not necessary need to feed him. Whenever you stop during the journey, be careful your cat doesn't flee. Finally, it is important to never leave your cat alone in a closed car (even in winter or when the air conditioner is on!).

At the arrival: let him take his marks

Fewf, everyone has arrived safe and you can now breathe. But landing in an unknown territory will most likely make your cat a little disoriented. You’ll need to allow him to calmly take its marks and get used to this new place.

A l’arrivée : on le laisse prendre ses marques

The best is to leave him by himself in a room with his food, his basket and his litter (preferably the ones he usually uses. Then, when you feel like he has become more familiar with this new environment, you can give him access to other rooms in the apartment or the house you are staying in.  If you feel that he also wants to explore the garden, you can also give him that possibility, but watch him carefully and make sure he doesn’t get too far away.

In short, with a little prevision your cat can also enjoy his vacation. Is it too much to say that he will have taken a taste for travelling or maybe are we asking too much…

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