How to choose the sleeping of my cat?

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People with cats know that our friends are great sleepers! It’s essential for them to in a basket or a cat kennel. Several factors have to be taken into consideration, including age, height, weight and favorite location(s). The ideal location is sheltered from drafts, hot spots, and heights. Meyou Paris offers you a wide range of sleeping options to meet your cat’s different expectations. On the one hand, they are according to his mood and on the other hand, they are immersing in your home design. After briefly presenting you the advantages of our various products from this perspective, we will remind you why the choice of cat sleeping is essential?

Meyou solutions for sleeping your pet

The bed, the cat bed: The ideal observation post for your cat. It allows him to look at the world around him, and in the same to do its favorite occupation... sleep next to you. Meyou offers you cat beds as design for your interior as they are comfortable for your pet.

The cube, the cat kennel: Meyou has designed a kennel for cats. Your pet will not be able to do without it after one tried. True territory for him, it’s a small comfortable cube in which it can simultaneously sleep and make his claws. This other cat bed assures him calm, comfort, and softness. Available in several colors, the Cube will suit the most demanding people thanks to its metallic or wooden outline, and its neutral or pep colors. Every cat has his cube.

The cushion: In different colors, the cat sleeping cushions will bring even more comfort to your little protégé in the Meyou’s cocoon of that you have chosen.couchage pour chat : le cube

The nest, the cat basket: : A cozy nest that will host the naps of our cats. Formed by a spiral of cotton rope that can also act as a scratching post. The Nest is a basket that has the great advantage of being a nomad, by folding and carrying easily everywhere. A true sleeping bag for the cat, it will also meet your design need by being completed with a fabric cushion with graphic patterns for the design and colorful touch.  

The habitat of your cat is important when we want to take care of it properly. We must have to take into consideration the requirements of our cats and also take care of their health. It’s this dual will that is the basis of each of our creations at Meyou and this is the reason why we design products that offer a high level of comfort the opportunity to make his claws between two naps. furthermore, the well-being of your pet is able to being in harmony with your interior, we offer design beds available in several colors so that you can easily find the most suitable for your furniture.

Why is it essential to choose your pet’s bed?

As we said in the preamble, our friends cats sleep a lot (more than 15 hours for an adult cat and nearly 20 hours for a kitten). It is therefore essential that your pet feels well when lying down.

Do you need to plan several beds for your pet?

As you probably know, beyond sleeping a lot, your feline likes to be able to do it in many different places. So, in addition to the places of your home that are not specifically dedicated to him, but that you will share with its: sofa, bed… He will be grateful to you for providing him with several additional rest places, much to him this time.

How to choose additional beds?

Since it will provide several different places to lie down, how to choose additional beds. In the end, this will hold more possibilities for your interior design and what you can install as the cat sleeping in the places of passage that your pet likes most and where it spends time most often. The usual advice will be as far as possible, the ideal place is in height, in a warm and draughty place. But it is also up to you to observe the behavior of your animal to see if it can not be attracted sometimes by a lower bed for example. Another element of complementarity that you can offer to your pet, sleeping more “closed” that is cocooning for him, like the cube. And a more “open” one like the Nest.

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