How do I know if my cat is happy?

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Who has never wondered if their feline is happy? Meowing, purring, body language are attitudes that need to be deciphered. Meyou Paris helps you to distinguish if your companion is happy to live with you thanks to 10 unmistakable signs!

1. Your cat is chatting with you

Your cat does not have its tongue in its pocket and speaks with you several times a day, this is a sign that it is happy.

You may have already wondered why your cat was looking at me meowing. If this meowing is sharp, it means that your cat is happy. Otherwise, if it is serious, it is that your cat is probably annoyed.

2. Your cat is rubbing against you

You have just returned home after a long day at work and your cat is rubbing his head or body against your leg. It is not only that your cat marks its territory, it is also a sign of great trust in you!

3. Your cat regulary purring

Purring can represent several moods in our cat companions, perhaps because they are happy, but also because they are anxious. Indeed, you have to pay attention to the other signs to know if he is happy. If he purrs when he approaches you, it is certainly not because he is anxious.

4. Your cat is washing ... but also yours

This behavior is a sign that he appreciates you and that he is happy to be with you. When he cleans himself properly, on a daily basis, it is because it is good in his life.

5. Your cat has a good appetite

As soon as you get out of your bed, does your cat ask you to eat while meowing on me? Don't worry, a cat that eats well is a happy cat!

6. Your cat is a great player

"Here, a new toy at home, I'm going to be able to have fun like crazy", cats are great players, if your cat plays with you, it proves that he is happy. On the other hand, if it is not grumpy, it must be sick or it has just bad character.

7. Your cat's eyes are very expressive.

Are your cat's pupils suddenly dilated? This indicates that he is extremely happy.

8. Your cat is relaxed

Your fur ball sleeps on you or in his bed with his legs folded under his body, it is that he feels relaxed and at home. An agitated cat will have outstretched legs and spiky back hair, while a cheerful cat will shrivel up to appear small and non-threatening.

9. Your cat has an I-tail

A happy cat will have its tail up and straight, with the tip slightly curved.

10. Your cat brings you its prey

Your cat is concerned about your health, he is afraid that you will starve and wants you to learn to hunt. In the meantime, he brings you all kinds of small trophies at home. However, this may be due to the fact that your cat is not being stimulated enough, either because you have not offered him enough cat toys, or because he would like more playing time with you. So is your cat happy?

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