Christmas is coming : our wishlist for cat lovers

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Don’t know about you, but we still truly believe in Santa Claus. But be careful, not the old bearded man who has a tendency to give out kitsch presents. Apparently, because we love cats, he thinks that we should have our home and even our personal fashion style invaded by cats (help !). No, no : our Santa Claus is more of the hipster type and loves pretty things. So, we worked with him in order to put together a list of gift ideas with a catlike feeling. You will find beautiful and original items, all coming from the imaginative minds of designers and creators, which you will all be able to put under your Christmas tree!

Cat Lamp - ENOstudio

At Meyou, we really love the work of ENOstudio, a young french brand which works with designers and offers everyday objects which are both stunning and useful. The real best seller, their cat lamp “Get Out”, is the perfect gift for all cat lovers and fans of interior design.

Lampe chat - ENOstudio

Ollie Duvet Cover -SNURK

Quoi de plus reposant et de plus douillet qu’un chat dormant au pied de son lit ? Les hollandais de SNURK l’on bien compris en imaginant leur housse de couette « Ollie », ornée d’un chat tigré plus vrai que nature. On croirait l’entendre ronronner...

Housse de couette Ollie -SNURK

Black cat pin- Audrey Jeanne

Illustrator Audrey Jeanne loves cats so much that she uses the cat print as a recurrent motif for her lovely coloured creations. Her black cat pin in enamelled metal, made in France, will delight any “Cat Lady” who loves to watch after her look.

Pin’s chat noir - Audrey Jeanne

Origami Cat - Paperwolf

If you follow Meyou on Facebook, you’ve probably already seen the beautiful origami cats created by Wolfram, from Paperwolf, for our stand at the « Salon Maison & Objet » fair, last autumn in Paris. You can also get yourself a gift or give someone else one of their creations, just like this paper cat inspired by the Egyptian feline goddess Bastet.

Chat origami - Paperwolf

Millows Pillows - Mana’o Nani

Mana’o Nani is a young polish brand that ventured to transform dreams into toys. We love their wool cat pillow entirely made by hand. It even comes with a mouse, balls and a little wooden bottle of milk. A gift for everyone in the family! 

Coussin Millows - Mana’o Nani

Origami cat necklace - Hug a Porcupine

As you might have guessed, we are origami fans! We also love the creators of the Singaporean brand “Hug a Porcupine”. They transformed their passion into a beautiful enamelled jewellery collection, where you can find this trendy cat necklace.

#Theperfectgift - Meyou Paris

If you have a little space remaining under your Christmas tree, why not give a Meyou Paris gift? It’s the perfect present ;), the design of the product is carefully studied so that both owners and cats are pleased!

#Lecadeauparfait - Meyou Paris

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