Cat care while on vacation : what solutions?

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Summer is here and you are probably waiting for this long awaited moment : the holidays ! Maybe you planned to travel with your cat ? If it is not, then you will have to find someone to take care of him. This is one brain-teaser that any cat master faces. But do not worry: you are not alone in this situation and many solutions exist ! Here are the main ones to know.

Option N°1: use in-home care solution

Your cat may behave typically feline : he is very home-loving and the slightest change in his daily life tends to upset him. Better then not to stress him unnecessarily by choosing to have him kept at your home. Several solutions are available to you, starting with the most classic: calling on relatives, friends or neighbours to take care of kitty during your absence.

All your friends or family are absent at the same time as you ? Or are they allergic to cats ? Do not panic : other options exist. You can use pet sitting exchange with other cat owners (see next paragraph). Another solution is to call a cat-sitter, who will come to visit your cat at home during your absence. If you live in Paris, you can for example call Chapacha, a service which offers well trained cat-sitters.
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Option N°2 : find a sleepover arrangement for your cat

Another possibility that is offered to you to make keep kitty is to bring it to someone else's home. The exchange of custody of animals between individuals, which we evoke, is the least expensive solution. The principle : to find a person who also has a cat and whose holidays are not planned at the same time as yours. You then leave your cat for her to take care of during your absence and in return will keep her cat when she goes on vacation. There are specialised websites that allow you to read or post ads and to view the profiles of other masters of animals.

Another solution : entrust the custody of your cat to a host family. You can find these families through specialised agencies or through classified ads. Whether you choose this mode of care or the previous one, make sure you meet people before handing over your cat. If possible, take your feline on the spot a bit before for a "test" to see how it responds to this new environment. These modes of guard are addressed to the most sociable cats because the host families generally have other animals themselves.
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Option N°3 : bring him to a boarding facility

You can finally choose to entrust kitty to a boarding facility. This is the most well-known solution : your pet will benefit from specific premises and equipment, as well as a certified staff who will be able to feed and care for it on a daily basis. If your cat is a true "prince" (or a real princess) and you want to offer him the best, there are also cat hotels, a high-standing version of the cat boarding facility. At Meyou we are particularly fond of the Cat Hotel Aristide in Paris, which offers a cozy and affectionate setting for our furry companions.

If you choose the solution of the boarding facility or hotel, make sure to also visit the places before entrusting your cat. Find out about the boarding services your pet will receive : will it have a room or an individual cubicle, will he be able to go for a stroll, what activities will be proposed, what food will be given to him ? If your cat has never been in a boarding kennel before, try also to let him try it for a day or two to see if he can get used to it. All these precautions will allow you to be reassured on the well-being of kitty during your absence and to leave with a peace of mind !
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