A cat in winter: how to protect your cat from the cold ?

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Brrr ... it has arrived, the cold is here. And Kitty knows it too. If you are looking for him, chances are that he has invaded a warm space near the radiator or the hearth of the chimney. No more long summer night strolls. Chances are, you’ll probably see him coming back at night to sleep comfortably in his cozy bed. As you may have noticed, your cat already knows how to adopt the right reflexes in cold weather. But here are some tips to enable him to wait without worry for the warm days to return.

Should you let your cat outside during winter?

If your cat is likes to go out often, it would be a shame to deprive him of this moment of freedom! Being outside frequently has enabled him to develop a thick undercoat (even more if you brush him regularly). In short, he is already equipped with a very sophisticated coat that will allow him to face without difficulty the rigours of winter.

But be careful, a cat who spends most of his time indoors will not have had the opportunity to develop this protection against cold weather. You must therefore be sure that he does not stay too long in cases of low temperatures. The same is true for the most fragile cats: very young, elderly or weak.
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Keep him a warm place

In winter, and even more so in the event of extreme cold, it is important to allow your cat the opportunity to go home whenever he wants. That is to say when he will need to warm up, eat or rest (but also just to be cuddled …).

You can adjust his sleeping so that it feels better during this time: raising him from the ground, bringing him closer to a source of heat or adding a comfortable blanket. Also, make sure your cat is sufficiently hydrated because of the heating.

For cats who are often outdoors (and only them), you can also increase the daily food portions slightly to compensate for the extra energy spent.
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A cat under the snow ?

Just like humans, some cats love the snow while others hate it. If Kitty comes out in the snow, don’t worry: here as well his thick coat will protect him from the cold. If he gets wet, because it’s raining for example, dry him well with a cloth so that he doesn’t catch a cold.

The cat’s pads are fragile, make sure they do not have any suspicious redness as that may be a sign of frostbite. And if you know that the roads near you have been salted to be cleared of snow, be sure to rinse your pet's paws and dry them.
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You and your cat are now ready to spend the winter peacefully. Finally, you can see below how Simon's cat gets organised to serenely pass this particular period of the year …

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