5 ways to spoil your cat this Christmas

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The countdown to Christmas has begun! You may have already started to decorate your home, draw up your present list and plan the menu for your Christmas dinner. This year, why not make your cat part of the festivities? Here are some ideas on how to spoil the furriest member of your family like everyone else!

chat paquet cadeau Do your Christmas wrapping together

You can make the chore of wrapping your gifts less tedious by making it a time to play with your cat. Leave a piece of paper for your cat to play with, crumple some into a few toy balls, and don’t forget to save a few lengths of ribbon so they can demonstrate their agility!
chat noeud papillon Make your cat a bow tie

This Christmas, make sure your cat is the chicest guest of all! Follow this video tutorial starring celebrity cat Pudge and make your cat a stunning bow tie. What’s in it for your cat? They can increase their cute factor and get even more attention than usual!
chat plantes Make a mini green haven for your cat

Need to keep kitty’s attention away from the Christmas tree and its pretty decorations? The solution is simple: create a small corner of greenery especially for your cat. Choose a nice pot (to stay in harmony with your decor) and plant some catnip, valerian or cat thyme (plants known for their euphoric effect on cats), some mint (cats love its smell) and a little cat grass (harmless shoots of grains such as rye, oats and barley that cats love to nibble). You'll see for yourself – your cat will go mad for it!
chat télévision Let your cat watch their favourite show!

Traditionally, at this time of year, you can watch TV re-runs of all the classic movies, not to mention Christmas shows. But your cat can enjoy the joys of television too! All you have to do is choose from a selection of films specially made for cats (usually showing pictures of aquariums, birds or insects). This dedicated YouTube channel has wide range of videos to choose from.
Ball Meyou Paris chat cat Treat your cat to a gift from Meyou!

Don’t know what to get your favourite ball of fur this Christmas? Why not offer them the best gift of all: a Meyou bed! Whether you choose our Cube, with its graphic frame made of wood or metal, the Ball, with its cosy cocoon on a wooden stand, or the elegant Bed, made with solid beech wood and 100% pure wool felt, you’ll be sure to make your cat happy while preserving the harmony of your decor!

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