The vegas

The VEGAS is a wall scratching post in the shape of cactus which will know how to make purr of pleasure the cats and their masters!

It brings a real trendy touch to your decoration.

The VEGAS can be placed in strategic places where your cat needs to mark its territory while embellishing your interior.

A scratching post that leaves no marks

Unlike cardboard, which wears out quickly, there's no need to sweep up after each use!

Available in 4 colors

Fixed on a brushed stainless steel support, the scratchable surface of the VEGAS in woven rope is declined in four colors: green, black, grey or cream green peas.

This one is easily removed to be able to modify its color or to change some in case of wear.

I customize my VEGAS

Information about VEGAS

If your cat has a tendency to scratch your wallpaper, you can fix the VEGAS design scratching post at the place of the scratches.


Detachable scratching surface, in woven rope Brushed stainless steel support cut out at less than one kilometer from our workshop.


Detachable hand washable scratch rope. Possibility to replace the rope when it is worn.


H.70 x W.28 cm Wall mounting (screws not included)